Notifications (email/SMS)

Notifications can be enabled and modified through the notifications section of Skio's dashboard. To enable a specific notification click on the toggle button within the notification editor and click Save. See image:

Email Notifications

Email notifications can be fully modified using HTML. If you are not familiar with using HTML, you can use an Email builder that allows you to export HTML.

Looping Variables

As some orders contain multiple products, you will want to set up a loop in order to display every product. You can achieve this by starting the loop with {{#products}} (Start "for" loop)and ending the loop with {{/products}} (End "for" loop).
{{product_variant_name}} / {{product_name}} / {{product_variant_quantity}} <br>

Example Email Preview Output: SMS Notifications

If you would like to use a custom number for SMS notifications - please reach out to us via our intercom live chat or email us at


If you would like your customers to be able to manage their subscriptions via SMS you can enable SkioSMS from the SkioSMS section of Skio's dashboard. To enable SkioSMS click on the toggle button within the notification editor and click Save. See image:

Quick Actions

Quick actions allow you to create links that immediately perform custom actions on click. For example, you can create a custom link that adds a specific product to a customer's subscription (just as a one time upsell).

To modify quick actions, click the "Edit quick actions" button on the top right of the notifications page, or visit the URL directly.

Note: only order creation + billing reminder notifications support quick actions.

Types of quick actions

  • Skip: allows customers to skip their upcoming subscription.
  • Change interval: allows customers to change the interval for their subscription without changing the date of their upcoming subscription.
  • Upsell: allows customers to add a one time upsell product to their normal subscription order.

Edit quick actions example

Notifications sent from Skio

Notifications sent using Klaviyo

Notifications sent using Klaviyo will be given a property called quickActions that has each quick action as a sub-key with its URL. For example, for the above quick actions, Klaviyo would receive the following object:

  quickActions: {
    every_5_weeks: "https://url?quick_action=changeInterval",
    skip: "https://url?quick_action=skip",
    upsell: "https://url?quick_action=upsell"
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